Connecting fittings

TTM Technologia Transferu Mediów offers a wide spectrum of standard and specialized fittings and valves for the industry, for the transmission of liquid, gas and solid media.


Basic spectrum of offered elements includes:

  • TW tanker connectors (tankwagen schlauchkupplungen) EN 14420-6 / DIN 28450 (MK, VK, MB, VB, MKV and MKH connector)
  • CAMLOCK Mil-C-27487 / A-A-59326A / EN 14420-7 / DIN2828 connectors
  • GUILLEMIN NF E 29-527 / EN14420-8 connectors
  • STORZ DIN connectors (aluminium castings with high impact resistance and mechanical damage resistance)
  • PERROT and BAUER connectors
  • KLOWE GEKA / NF E 29-573 / DIN 3489 connectors
  • DIN 2817 / EN 14420 / TW (TW flange, PN10 PN16 PN25 PN40 ASTM 150 lbs flange) flange connectors
  • connectors for DIN2826 / EN 14423 (connectors for hoses in steam transmission systems, 18 bar/210OC) steam transmission
  • connectors for DIXON BOSS (connectors for hoses in superheated steam transmission systems, 230OC) steam
  • threaded industrial connectors (external thread or nut) with smooth end for fastening with safety clamp, EN 14420-5/DIN 2817
  • threaded connectors, including NPT, BSPP, BSPT, as well as metric connectors
  • connectors for the HAMMER LUG mining industry
  • connectors for the food industry DIN 11851 / SMS 1145 / RJT BS:4825 / IDF / TRICLAMP
  • connectors and fittings for the pharmaceutics, BRADFORD ASME BPE-2009 Table DT-5-1
  • swivel connectors, including those for roofs of floating storage tanks and loading arms of UNO devices
  • TODO and MANNTEK dry connectors
  • teflon coated connectors
  • safety clamps EN 14420-3 / DIN2817
  • bands and screw clamps