Conti Thermo Protect

Conti® Thermo Protect is an innovative insulation system, developed by Continental ContiTech specialists. Flexible and easy-to-use system isolates and protects comprehensive installations, pipelines and components subject to dynamic loads and exposed to high temperatures.  


Thanks to the innovative system of our long-term supplier, Continental ContiTech, thermal insulation has become easier and more effective, especially in the case of comprehensive insulation. Conti® Thermo-Protect is made of a special silicone-rubber mixture provided in a non-vulcanized state, that can be plastically deformed. The innovative system is especially recommended for insulating winding or flexible installations and pipelines, when the properties of standard insulating materials prove to be insufficient. The plastic mass can be easily applied to fittings and valves, whose insulation has been impossible or difficult so far.


Main advantages of the Conti® Thermo-Protect system include:

- high resistance and flexibility in dynamic systems in the temperature range from -50 to 250 degrees of Celsius,

- thermal insulation allowing to limit heat losses to 80%,

- resistance to UV radiation, weather conditions and many media,

- plasticity and self-adhesiveness,

- easy to assemble and disassemble,

- durability and low harmfulness to the environment,

- minimal risk of corrosion under the insulation layer.


Conti® Thermo-Protect is available in the form of boards, hoses, mouldings and pastes