Conveyor belts

TTM Technologia Transferu Mediów offers the highest quality conveyor belts from a long-term supplier and partner, Continental ContiTech, which are adapted to work in the broadly-defined industry, in various conditions. We offer, among others:


1. Belts with steel cords

2. Rubber and fabric belts

3. One-panel belts designed on the basis of solid-woven fabrics, consisting of light composites characterized by high adhesion of covers and core, intended for transporting combustible material by means of belt conveyors used in underground mining excavations, in methane and non-methane fields and in a potentially-explosive atmosphere. 

4. Fleximat type metal mesh belts, intended for handling materials with different granulation, especially where low elongation is required and the belt is exposed to tears and longitudinal cuts.

5. Belts with a special ContiClean A-H anti-adhesive coating, whose task is to protect against the adhesion of the transported medium. Thanks to this technology, users can opt out of expensive cleaning systems, replacing them with traditional methods, such as rubber scrapers.

6. Contiflex Vulcan belts resistant to high temperatures up to +600oC, thanks to the use of  a modular belt construction system, as well as having optimized durability and maximum service life when transporting hot materials.




TTM Technologia Transferu Mediów also offers an innovative device for monitoring the condition, as well as wear and tear of conveyor belts, CBGuard Life Extender, which increases their safety and profitability. 


Conveyor belts are subject to heavy loads. Numerous bends in longitudinal and transverse directions, continuous impacts of the transported medium, deficiencies in inspections, used or incorrectly set conveyors, as well as contact with foreign objects negatively affect the reliability and lifespan of the conveyor belt. As a result, malfunction or serious damage usually have dramatic consequences.


The CBGuard surveillance system, based on the X-ray technology, leads to the revolution in the safety and profitability of the operation of conveyor belts. The X-ray technology in the scanner, in cooperation with specialized software and fully integrated with the concept of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), has become an unquestionable leader in the field of monitoring conveyor belts. No other system used so far is able to even partially obtain so many information for safe operation of the belt, and at the same time to operate independently.


CBGuard not only guarantees improved safety and longer lifespan, but also lower costs and control over every cubic millimetre of the conveyor belt.