Loading/ unloading technology

Loading arms offered by TTM Technologia Transferu Mediów means first of all safe, economical and ergonomic service, as well as compatibility with many types of hoses and valves. Comprehensive and modular systems are individually-tailored to a specific project, taking into account the requirements of surveillance units.




  • Compliance with the highest safety standards
  • Fast connection/disconnection process without significant material loss
  • High ergonomics and work safety
  • Ease of use
  • Overload protection
  • Complexity




Basic spectrum of offered elements includes:


1. SGA loading arm for the installation of hoses

The SGA loading arm for the installation of the hose ensures safe, economical and ergonomic operation. It significantly facilitates loading of liquids and gases, when hose lines run between the mobile unit and the stationary object. What is more, it reduces material consumption and makes work easier.  


2. ABVL quick connector

ABVL quick connector with a high flow rate is one of the most efficient versions of quick connectors. When breaking pins reach the maximum strength, the two halves of the connector separate and the flow channel is maximally sealed on each side.


3. Tanker connector

Tanker connector ensures a reliable and fast connection of gas mixing lines. Thanks to durable materials, the quick connector system, compliant with EN 14420-6 standards, requires very little maintenance.


4. TX dry break coupling

Disc valve connector, compliant with the NATO STANAG 3756 standard, is compatible with other connectors of this standard. In addition to high flow rate and low maintenance requirements, it also offers many features that are optionally available.


Roman Seliger, SGA type load handling devices offered by TTM Technologia Transferu Mediów constitute a hybrid - combination of advantages of a flexible loading hose with advantages of the pipe-base arm. The base of the device are steel segments connected with pins. The movement of segments is facilitated by slide bearings. Segments provide support for flexible loading or unloading hoses of any diameter and any operating pressure. The hose is equipped with suitable connecting fittings, such as Roman Seliger, type TX NATO STANAG 3756 quick connector, Roman Seliger, type ABV/ABVL safety break couplings, and camlock or TW connectors.


The proposed solution makes it possible to adapt to tight spaces, applications beyond the reach of traditional steel arms, e.g. due to the limited working area. It is also an interesting alternative for low-profile steel arms, as well as unloading wires with high unladen weight.


The movement in the vertical and horizontal axis, easy operation, no complicated maintenance, possibility to use several product and vapor lines in one sequence are just a few of the advantages of the SGA.


In order to properly select the device, please contact our technical department.